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Wooden Umbrella Swift | Lykke

Wooden Umbrella Swift | Lykke

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These beautiful swifts from Lykke are crafted from natural Indian Rosewood or Mango Wood and metal. The base clamps securely to your table and is easy to set up and put away in its storage bag. The swift expands to hold skeins as large as 60 inches in circumference, but collapses to the diameter of an umbrella when not in use. No more hanging skeins on the backs of chairs or persuading a friend to hold their arms up while you wind a ball! Pair it with a matching ball winder to really up your yarn game. Makes a lovely gift for your favorite fiber artist too!

Please note that this item ships separately due to its size and shape. This will increase the shipping charges. It also ships in the original packaging. If you would like the contents to not be visible (perhaps it is a gift for your favorite yarny friend), please let us know.

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