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Wood Buttons

Wood Buttons

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We love these beautiful Wood Buttons! Each one is a unique work of art. They are made from natural wood and will vary slightly in color and grain pattern. This is part of their beauty and charm. Noted in the title are the number of holes in the button. Olive wood buttons are sustainable as they are usually made from branches that have been pruned from olive producing trees.

Note: some styles of buttons have multiple colors or patterns. We will make a nice selection of the colors/styles when you order. You may contact us with a request for a certain color/style and we will do our best to accommodate it.

Wood buttons may be machine washed on a gentle cycle. Short washes cycles preferred. Lay flat to dry. To reduce the chance of buttons snagging on other garments during the wash cycle, we recommend using a garment bag. It also helps to fully button the garment and turn it inside out. Avoid bleach and harsh detergents; use cool or warm water. For a longer life, we suggest hand washing especially for carved wood buttons that have more surface area which will allow water to penetrate into the button more easily or painted buttons that may not tolerate the tumbling of the washing machine over time. 

Buttons are sold individually.

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