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Wisp | Speckle & Friends

Wisp | Speckle & Friends

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Lovely, fluffy mohair silk dyed in beautiful colors. Perfect for all your fluffy needs. Work with it alone or doubled. Carry it with a similar or contrasting yarn. There are no bad choices!

We are so excited to have this yarn created right here in the shop. Speckle and Friends is exclusively available through The Black Squirrel. 

72% Mohair / 28% Silk
459 yards / 50g

Speckle and Friends is the work of Olivia Cusack. She is our newest local dyer, emphasis on "local." Olivia was born and raised in the Bay Area and now dyes these beautiful yarns right here in the shop! She has been a knitter since childhood but has also expanded her work to include crochet, sewing, cross stitch, printmaking, and many more crafty ventures. In addition to her creative work, Olivia teaches classes and works directly with customers in the shop, sharing her passion for crafting.

Find her on Instagram @speckleandfriends 

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