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Try-It-On Tubing

Try-It-On Tubing

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Don't you wish there was an easier way to try on your in-progress sweater than the fiddly process of putting the stitches on and off waste yarn? Well this handy tool is the answer! Slip one end over your knitting needle and slide all the stitches onto the tubing, remove your needle, spread out the stitches, and try it on. Then stick your needle back into the tubing to easily replace the live stitches and keep knitting! The tubing is a special type that is very flexible and has great grip, and it will not come off the knitting needle until you pull it off deliberately. No more trying on a sweater that is on 3 circular needles with all the stitches at the edges threatening to fall off! You can also use this for shawls or any garment that is larger than the needles you are using, or perhaps you need a needle and want to borrow it from a work in progress - just slip the WIP onto the tubing for storage!

Try-It-On Tubing comes in 2 sizes: The small diameter tubing works for knitting needles that are size US 2-8 (2.75-5.0mm), and the larger diameter works for sizes US 8-13 (5.0-9.0mm), and larger if they have pointy tips. Both sizes are 2 yards (72 inches) long.

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