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Trade Tokens

Trade Tokens

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When times are tough it’s good to remember that the best things in life don’t actually cost much. In fact, they ask for nothing more than your time and thoughtfulness: a long walk after dinner, a friend’s comfy couch, a board game on a rainy day...

Enter, these infinitely reusable wood coupons! Choose from lots of fun themed sets (see descriptions below). All sets include six (6) trade tokens and come packaged in a stamped muslin drawstring sack with a tag.

  • Solid American maple wood, 1.5″ diameter
  • Stamped by hand in the United States
  • Archival black ink lasts forever
  • Infinitely re-usable and intimately personal
  • Original illustrations and text

Great for:

  • Anyone who could use a hug, pep talk, etc.
  • Gifting shared activities and experiences
  • Including with greeting cards or other gifts
  • Stocking stuffers, party favors, rewards for kids

New Mommy Set

  • “Good for some home cookin'”
  • “Good for one pep talk”
  • “Good for babysitting”
  • “Good for one diaper change”
  • “Good for one lunch on the town”
  • “Good for one hug”

Sexy Time Set

  • “Good for one quickie”
  • “Good for one trip downtown”
  • “Good for extended foreplay”
  • “Good for one hundred consecutive kisses”
  • “Good for one position of your choice”
  • “Good for one sexy bath or shower”

Romance Set

  • “Good for one kiss”
  • “Good for one walk”
  • “Good for one movie night”
  • “Good for one massage”
  • “Good for one date night”
  • “Good for one picnic”

Friendship Set

  • “Good for one hug”
  • “Good for one adventure”
  • “Good for one cup of tea/coffee”
  • “Good for one walk”
  • “Good for a couch to crash on”
  • “Good for one pep talk”

Foodie Set

  • “Good for some home cookin'”
  • “Good for one baked good”
  • “Good for one cup of tea/coffee”
  • “Good for dinner out”
  • “Good for one fancy beverage”
  • “Good for one picnic”

Kiddo Set

  • “Good for one game”
  • “Good for one new book”
  • “Good for one treat”
  • “Good for one adventure”
  • “Good for one movie”
  • “Good for one picnic”

Outdoor Adventure Set

  • “Good for star gazing”
  • “Good for one hike”
  • “Good for berry picking”
  • “Good for one swim”
  • “Good for sunrise watching”
  • “Good for one picnic”
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