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Targhee Wool Spinning Fiber - Nerdy Fibers

Targhee Wool Spinning Fiber - Nerdy Fibers

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Targhee is an American breed of sheep developed in the West and now a common breed in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. A fairly young breed, it was developed in the mid 1900s from Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln ewes bred to Rambouillet rams. Rambouillet is a French Merino-type sheep with a very bouncing feel to the wool, Corriedale is a New Zealand breed known for lovely handspinning wool and has merino in its lineage too, and Lincoln is a British longwool known for its long staple length (length of an individual fiber) and luster. The result is a very bouncy wool that is easy to spin, has a long staple length, and is next to the skin soft. We also love that it is grown and usually processed in the West. You will love spinning this wool!

100% Targhee Wool
Unspun Wool Roving
4oz (115g)

Ashley Davis of Nerdy Fibers makes beautiful colors in tonals, painted colorways and speckles. The colors are rich and complex and we think you will love her work!

She lives and dyes in Roseville (Sacramento, California area) and her business is allowing her to be home with her husband and young daughter. She learned to crochet and knit as a girl and loves making her own clothes. She brings this same enthusiasm to her dyepots.

Please note: We make every effort to accurately represent the colors of our yarns, but differences in screen settings may make them appear slightly different in person.

*Some images are courtesy and copyright of Nerdy Fibers.

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