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Spin Cords for ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Sets

Spin Cords for ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Sets

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Find that the cord of your circular knitting needles twist and kink? Spin Cords are the answer! They come in Small and Large cord sizes and will work with any ChiaoGoo kit that uses Small or Large cords including the Complete Set and The Blue & Yellow Shorties Sets. Cords are sold individually and each comes with a key to tighten the tips onto the cord. Unfortunately, these cords will not work with any set that uses the Mini cords like the Mini Set or the Red Shorties Set.

Looking for other pieces of ChiaoGoo interchangeable sets? We have them in the Complete Set and The Blue & Yellow Shorties Sets listings. Looking for the silver SWIV360 swivel cables? Find them here. If you have questions about using your interchangeable set, please feel free to contact us!

Note: The length given on the cords indicates the length of the cord not the length of the needle once the tips are attached.  For instance a 22 inch cord with 5 inch tips will become a 32 inch long circular needle; with 3 inch tips it will become a 28 inch long circular needle. These cords are designed to make the standard ChiaoGoo needle lengths when paired with 5 inch tips. They will work with shorter tips designed for Small or Large cords.

*If you would like extra parts for your set that you don't see in our webshop or a specialized set or part not listed here, please let us know and we will be happy to make a custom order for you!

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