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Wraps Per Inch Tool - Shop Exclusive

Wraps Per Inch Tool - Shop Exclusive

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These beautiful tools are custom made for us in Providence, Rhode Island by Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry. They're made from sustainable woods that Katy sources as close as possible to her studio, where she laser cuts them with beautiful precision and gives them a perfectly smooth, ash-free finish. 

This wraps-per-inch tool measures 3x3 inches and is engraved with our classic knitting squirrels illustration by Dawn Kathryn Studio. Use it to gauge the weight of your handspun yarn or remnants in your stash that don't have their labels. To use, gently wrap the yarn around the area with the one-inch cutout without stretching or compacting it at all, and the number of strands that fit in one inch will indicate the general weight of your yarn, just check the handy lists at the top!

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