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Crochet Hook Sizer - Shop Exclusive

Crochet Hook Sizer - Shop Exclusive

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Katrinkles is a woman-owned business based in Providence, RI, and they make the absolute best laser-cut wooden tools and accessories for stitchers of all kinds! All of their woods are sustainably sourced as close to their workshop as possible, and their commitment to sustainability at every point of manufacture and packaging makes us love their products even more!

This handy crochet hook sizer is custom made exclusively for our shop with a crochet doily chart design that's become one of the shop's unofficial logos. Chase, the shop's owner, has this design as a tattoo, and it's become a running joke because she hasn't crocheted it yet! It has US lettered and metric sizing etched by every hole, and will size from 2.25mm to 12mm hooks. Carry a helpful piece of our shop with you, and use it to figure out which of your hooks is which!

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