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Sashiko Tsumugi Coaster Sampler

Sashiko Tsumugi Coaster Sampler

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Sashiko is a Japanese style of un-hooped embroidery that uses long running stitches to create beautiful images of dashed lines and intricate patterns. These sashiko coaster packs come with 5 pre-printed (wash-away) sampler designs on pre-cut pieces of beautifully heathered Japanese cotton fabric. After a little hand-finishing for the binding, finished coasters measure 4x4 inches. Choose from indigo, crimson, ochre, black, or dusty grey-purple fabric.

If you're a fan of sashiko but want to go beyond the basics, then these designs are just what you need! Please note that sashiko threads, thimbles, and needles are sold separately.

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