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Japanese Sashiko Thimbles

Japanese Sashiko Thimbles

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Sashiko is a traditional Japanese embroidery method that uses long running stitches to create intricate designs using dashed lines. Having a strong and sharp needle is key, but when you're trying to really load your needle with fabric for a long straight running stitch, or trying to sew through multiple layers of fabric as you mend your jeans, you'll find that having the right kind of thimble will save your hands.

These Olympus brand black leather thimbles are made in Japan and are specifically made for sashiko. As you can see in the diagram, you slip the adjustable elastic ring over your middle finger so the pad rests in your palm, allowing you to easily push the needle from the back while pulling the other side in one fluid motion.

Consider pairing them with our beautiful Japanese sashiko needles, sashiko threads, pre-printed sampler kits, and/or a beginner-friendly how-to book on traditional sashiko or boro mending.

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