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Crow Prints

Crow Prints

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Our friend Anisa makes beautiful watercolor paintings. She then scans them and digitally tidies them up to create these gorgeous prints. We love how she perfectly captured the crow's subtle dark rainbow coloring.

The prints are 7 by 5 inches and printed on 130lb linen paper. They are perfect for framing.

Anisa is a knitter, aspiring spinner, and watercolor artist living in the Berkeley Hills. She grew up in the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand and likes to be inspired by the startling beauty of the world around us. She also became very enamored of sea otters during the pandemic. Find more of her art in her Etsy shop.

This is part of a new project where we feature some of the tremendous talent in our community. Everyone featured will be someone we know, love, and admire and that has talents that stretch outside the fiber arts. We hope you will enjoy getting to know them too!

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