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Rainbow Arch Weaving Loom - The Loome

Rainbow Arch Weaving Loom - The Loome

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This little rainbow loom is a piece of instant happiness! It can be used as a rainbow or general arch shape, and you can leave your piece on the loom as a frame or bind it off and use the loom to make more! Turn them into wall hangings, necklaces, or patches, add some pom pom clouds to make a super cute mobile, add long fringe or trims - the possibilities are endless! Measures 4.3" high x 7.3" wide.

Pair this loom with one of The Loome's mini weaving combs for a perfectly packed weaving - their small size is especially helpful to get into this unique shape!

Search for Loome in our online shop to see all the other great tools and kits of theirs that we carry!

*Photos courtesy of The Loome.

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