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Pom Pom Basics Book - The Loome

Pom Pom Basics Book - The Loome

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This sweet little fan book is your super handy guide to all things pom pom! It will teach you how to make the ultimate pom pom for any project - from choosing the perfect supplies and making a basic pom, to creating intricately patterned and shaped fluffy yarn sculptures! It's made specifically to use with The Loome, an awesome sustainable tool that you can use it to make tons of fiber arts including tassels, mini weavings, friendship bracelets, i-cord, and of course pom poms! It was designed by a local maker here in the Bay Area and we think it's super cool! If you don't already have one, click here to pick one up to go with your book!

Included in the fan book:
Section 1: Basics
1) Tools & Supplies
2) How to Make a Pom Pom
3) Size
4) Yarns & Looks
5) Attaching the Pom Poms
6) Sculpting
7) Shapes

Section 2: Patterns

1) Half & Half
2) Stripes
3) Color Blocked
4) Sprinkles/Dots
5) Galaxy
6) Bullseye
7) Nazar/Evil Eye
8) Flower
9) Pineapple
10) Watermelon


Size: 5.5" H x 4" W or 14 cm x 10 cm

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