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Nube Merino Spinning Fiber - Malabrigo

Nube Merino Spinning Fiber - Malabrigo

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We're pleased to add Nube spinning fiber from popular yarn brand Malabrigo to our roving offerings! This deliciously soft and smooth non-superwash merino fiber is a combed top preparation, ensuring a smooth spin. The hand-painted colors, when elongated and/or plied during the spinning process, will give a gorgeous array of results. Try it out today and see for yourself - we know you'll want to spin a whole sweater's worth!

Yardage/Meters: 5 yards (4.6 meters) of roving

Braid Weight: 113 grams (3.99 ounces)

Content: 100% Merino Wool (Non-Superwash)

Care: Hand wash in cool water, dry flat, do not tumble dry.

*All images are courtesy and copyright of Malabrigo.

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