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1 & 2 Yard Collapsable Niddy Noddys

1 & 2 Yard Collapsable Niddy Noddys

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Katrinkles' Niddy Noddy is back and better than ever! We love their original Niddy Noddy, which is perfect for making mini yarn skeins using 2 pieces (1 yard in circumference). The new version gives you the ability to make full size skeins using all 4 pieces (2 yards in circumference shown with the blue yarn) as well as mini skeins! It is crafted from sturdy 1/4” birch. Best of all, the new Niddy Noddy is just as portable as the original, great for traveling or bringing along to a guild meeting. And it comes in a recycled paper package, printed in Rhode Island, that is sturdy enough to store it in. Pictogram instructions for assembly and use are engraved directly on the tool.

We also have the original 2-piece version that makes 1 yard mini skeins shown with the peach yarn wound on it. 

The Niddy Noddy is used to wind yarn that you've spun into a skein off of your drop spindle or spinning wheel bobbin. Once wound, you can count the number of wraps so you know your yardage. Its press fit construction holds it securely together while in use, yet it easily collapses flat into four pieces for easy storage. It is easily taken apart and reassembled. 

These beautiful tools are made in Providence, Rhode Island by Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry. They're made from sustainable woods that Katy sources as close as possible to her studio, where she laser cuts them with beautiful precision and gives them a perfectly smooth, ash-free finish.

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