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Manchelopis DK / Worsted / Aran | Wooldreamers

Manchelopis DK / Worsted / Aran | Wooldreamers

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Manchelopis is a soft and airy unspun yarn produced entirely in the Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha, a land rich with history and the home of Wooldreamers.

This yarn was created to honor the Manchega sheep, a breed native to the region and better known as a dairy breed. It is the milk from these sheep that is used to make Manchego cheese! The fiber is very soft and the staple length (length of the individual fibers is longer than most soft wools).

Wooldreamers sources the wool from two flocks raised with traditional compassionate ranching practices. The white wool comes from Las Banderas Livestock where Raul cares for the sheep moving them from pasture to pasture with the seasons. The dark wool comes from a rare flock of black Manchega sheep raised by Jose de Jesus Gimenez Diezma Ranch.

Manchelopis comes in a "wheel" as a 2-ply and can be knit at a variety of gauges. You can hand wind one of the plies into a ball as you work if you want to use it as a single ply yarn.

Knit gently as this yarn can draft apart as you knit. Once knit it will make a stable fabric that is extremely squishy and light. It will have a fuzzy ethereal look and feel, with little stitch definition.

Worked as a 2-ply:
251 yards / 100g
Suggested needles US4-9 (4.5 - 5.5mm)

Worked as a single ply:
503 yards / 100g
Suggested needles US2-4 (2.75 - 3.5mm)

Note: the natural grey colors are warm greys with brown tones.

*All images are courtesy and copyright of Wooldreamers.

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