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Maia's Blend | Black Squirrel Yarns

Maia's Blend | Black Squirrel Yarns

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What does one do when you has a bunch of lovely grease fleeces (sheep wool that hasn't been washed and still contains lanolin) and you no longer have time to play with wool because you are too busy running a yarn store? You send them to the nice people at Mendocino Wool & Fiber Mill to be processed into yarn for the shop.

The fleeces were are bought directly from the growers at various fiber events on the west coast. Of the 5 fleeces there were 2 Cormo crosses, 1 Bluefaced Leicester lamb, 1 Romney cross, and another fine fleece I could no longer identify. The resulting yarn is deliciously soft and bright white. We are offering it undyed.

It is squishy and puffy and can be knit at worsted and Aran weights. Our swatch measures 4 stitches to the inch with a US 7 needle and 4.5 stitches to the inch with a US 8 needle. 

This is a limited batch and cannot be repeated.

100% Locally grown fine farm wool
Worsted / Aran weight / 2-ply
average about 110g / approximately 190 yards

Hand wash only! This is a non-superwash wool.

See some vegetable matter (VM)? Take that as a good sign. It means the sheep have happy lives frolicking in fields. It also means that the VM hasn't been burned out the wool. This usually happens via a process called carbonization. It involves sulfuric acid, lots of water, and may cause harm to mill workers. The VM can be picked out as you work.

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