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LYKKE Interchangeable Cords & Connectors

LYKKE Interchangeable Cords & Connectors

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All Lykke Cords and Connectors will work with any Lykke Interchangeable Sets including the Interchangeable Tunisian Set. We carry all the colors for every type of set we keep in stock. The Clear and Pink Cords Swivel, the Black Cords do not swivel. Feel free to mix and match, they are all fully interchangeable.

Clear Swivel: for the Cypra and Colour Sets

Pink Swivel: for the Blush Sets

Black: for the Driftwood, Indigo, & Umber Sets

The cord length listed is the length of the needle created once the tips are screwed on to the cord. We have cords intended for use with the 3.5" & 5" tips. You may use different tips than those intended for even more needle length options! For instance, the 40" cord for a 5" tip will be 30". If you add 3.5" tips, you'll get a needle that has a  total length of 37". 

The connectors are metal and work with any color of cord.

LYKKE (pronounced loo-kuh), makers of some of the most beautiful, best-made wooden needles, hook, and sets.

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