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Lykke Driftwood Circular Needles

Lykke Driftwood Circular Needles

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These are our very favorite wooden knitting needles!

LYKKE (pronounced loo-kuh) needles are some of the most beautiful, highest quality wooden needles on the market. They are made from sustainable birch wood with a beautiful grey stain and a super smooth glossy finish, the tips have a nice point to them and are strong yet lightweight and totally beautiful. The metal joins on the ends of the tips are incredibly smooth and made to last, with engraved numbering that won't rub off. The cords have a smooth and snag-free connection.

And possibly the best thing about LYKKE needles is that they come with an incredible warranty: if anything ever happens you can contact LYKKE directly and get a hassle free replacement! 

Looking for Lykke Interchangeable sets? We have them in Driftwood (grey) and Indigo (blue) here. We also carry them in Blush here.

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