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Felt Fruit Mascots Kits | Fair Play Projects

Felt Fruit Mascots Kits | Fair Play Projects

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Make your own collection of adorable magnets and pins with this super fun kit! Includes everything else you need to get started. Plus, it's all packaged up in a super cute cigar-style box that you can decorate with a sheet of included vinyl stickers (see video)!

Kit includes materials and instructions to make at least 10 magnets and pins: 14 colors of 100% wool felt, 3 skeins of 100% cotton embroidery floss, 5 magnets, 5 pin backs, pencil, needle, and full color instructional booklet. 

Great for beginners and kids ages 6+

Why we love these: A fun and rewarding kit with a natural way to hang, decorate and display when you've finished! 

Please note: Swallowing a magnet is extremely dangerous so this project is not recommended for households with toddlers.

Fair Play Projects is a sweet company started and owned by two women in Minneapolis who wanted to make fun and creative projects for their children. Their mission is to bring an interest in handwork to a new generation. 

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