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Handwash Faux Suede Fold Over Wash Tags

Handwash Faux Suede Fold Over Wash Tags

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These colorful faux suede sew on tags are the perfect way to make sure the knits you're gifting are treated properly. With these tags your recipient won't have to wonder if their present can go in the washing machine or not. These tags look great on hand knit and hand crocheted garments and also sewn garments. They are small enough that they won't take away from your garment but large enough to look really cute. Fold over and sew these onto garments to embellish your finished knits with just one as a signature tag.

This listing is for Hand Wash tags. Machine Wash tags are available here.

Faux suede - 100% vegan
Approximate Size: 1/2" x 2 1/2"

If you purchase just a few light & thin things like these tags or stickers, we will ship them for a rate of $1 for the US and $2 elsewhere in the world. We can get up to 5-6 stickers or 12 tags (mix and match!) in an envelope at this rate! If you are ordering non-sticker items as well, this rate does not apply.apply.

Katrinkles is a woman-owned business based in Providence, RI, and they make the absolute best laser-cut wooden tools and accessories for stitchers of all kinds! All of their woods are sustainably sourced as close to their workshop as possible, and their commitment to sustainability at every point of manufacture and packaging makes us love their products even more!

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