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Crocheting Chicken Sticker

Crocheting Chicken Sticker

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I don't know about you, but I have more yarn stashed away than I can sit on. Maybe this is Crocheting Chicken's stash for upcoming projects? Whatever, this chicken seems pretty happy and that is what counts! We also have a full sheet of crafty chickens and a matching project bag.

These high-quality vinyl stickers are weatherproof and durable enough to go on cars, laptops, helmets, hand-washable items like water bottles, and more! Each sticker measures approximately 3 by 3 inches.

If you purchase just stickers, we will ship them for a rate of $1. We can get up to 5-6 stickers (mix and match!) in an envelope at this rate! If you are ordering non-sticker items as well, this rate does not apply.

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