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Cormo Sport - Moondrake Co.

Cormo Sport - Moondrake Co.

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Love a non-superwash yarn that is soft and squishy? This yarn is for you! It is plump and juicy and will probably work well at or near DK gauge. This yarn is ideal for colorwork sweaters, shawls, hats, or cowls.

Cormo is a recent sheep breed, about 1960, developed in Australia by breeding Corriedale rams and Merino ewes. The resulting fiber is as soft as many Merino wools. Cormo differs slightly from Merino in the staple length (the length of individual strands of fiber) is longer and it is bouncier. Expect Cormo wool to bloom when you wash your finished garment.

100% Non-superwash Cormo Wool
328 yards / 100g
2-ply / Sport Weight

Rachelle of Moondrake makes colors we can't quit. Originally from our northern neighbor, Canada, she now lives and dyes in Oklahoma.



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