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Ancestral DK - Ancestral Fiber Co.

Ancestral DK - Ancestral Fiber Co.

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Ancestral Fiber Co. is a BIPOC, woman-owned, indie dyed yarn company based in New York; the creative and beautiful work of Adiaha Ruane. Her incredible colors are inspired by her ancestors. We're so happy to be featuring her beautiful yarns in our shop!

We love that her colorway names encourage us to explore and learn about people and groups we may not be familiar with. Join us in that exploration!

85% Fine Superwash Merino Wool / 15% Nylon
DK Weight / 4-Ply
225 yds/100 grams

"Hi! I am Adiaha 'Day' Ruane -(Owner)

I like history. Yeah I know I am a little nerdy. Making connections, especially where there doesn't seem to be any commonality is a thing for me. One day I made this incredible leap in my head that I could dye yarn inspired by my ancestors personally and broadly. As an African-American whose history is not traceable past 5 generations, I have often wondered who my ancestors where. I also wonder how; how did they do it? How did they survive to make sure I could be here?

Inspired by my ancestors' strength and endurance, this yarn dyeing adventure is an attempt to answer these questions. Through creative process, I explore and highlight our history. The history of humans who survived.

Join me for the ride. It will be sometimes sad and frustrating but we will learn a lot."

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