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Lost & Found Keychain - Shop Exclusive

Lost & Found Keychain - Shop Exclusive

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These beautiful tools are custom made for us in Providence, Rhode Island by Katrinkles Knitting Jewelry. They're made from sustainable woods that Katy sources as close as possible to her studio, where she laser cuts them with beautiful precision and gives them a perfectly smooth, ash-free finish. All the designs are our own shop exclusives, and you can only find them here!

Attach this keychain to your project bag when you travel, commute, or work in public places - it has our shop logo and address etched into the wood, so that if you lose your project and it's found by a good samaritan it will be sent back to our shop (so you don't have to put your personal home address out into the world). You can contact us if your project is lost so we know to look out for it, or if we receive it we will keep it safe and try to find the owner through our customer database and/or social media. Just one of the many perks of being a part of our wonderful community!

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