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Tiny Packages

Tiny Packages

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Send someone a tiny surprise today! Be silly, romantic, or witty and whimsical. Your lucky recipient will delight in each exquisite detail.

These tiny packages are a constant favorite of ours - think of them as 3D greeting cards! They're made by Leafcutter Designs in Oakland, California, and the amount of thoughtful tiny details in each one is amazing - every tiny postage stamp, label, and rubber stamped detail is placed by hand. Inside the classic brown paper and string wrapping there's a small paperboard box containing a tiny treasure and matching message, wrapped in the world's smallest newspaper, which is complete with articles about tiny things, a tiny crossword puzzle, and even a recipe for cherry pie in a bottle cap. 

Choose your tiny package from the drop-down list, and when it arrives you can take it out of its protective sleeve and fill in the "to" and "from" addresses on the outside, using your best tiny handwriting. Then you can send it on to its recipient, either in a regular size bubble mailer with real, regular-size postage, or we really like to hand-deliver them into a friend's mailbox to make them believe something so tiny could really go through the mail! It's also fun to hide them in lunchboxes, pockets, inside gifts, and even under pillows!

Choose from 29 delightful message and object combo options:

You put a bounce in my step. (Rubber Ball)

Congrats on building your family! (Alphabet Blocks)

Happy New Year! I love you to pieces. (Paper Confetti)

It's your birthday! Have a ball. (Soccer Ball eraser)

Have a sweet birthday. (Sugar Cube)

Home Sweet Home. How's the new digs? (Sugar Cube)

I'm so glad you've been naughty this year (Lump of Coal)

I'm sorry, I wish I could take it back (Eraser)

Here's to your new little peanut! (Peanut eraser)

Go for it. Take a chance (Pair of Dice)

Thanks a bunch (Bananas eraser)

We go together (2 Puzzle Pieces)

You two are a wonderful pair. (Tiny Pretend Pear)

You and I are mint to be. (Mint)

You are as cute as a ... (Red Button)

You're the tops. Happy Birthday! (Wooden Toy Top)

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