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Mini Weaving Frames - The Loome

Mini Weaving Frames - The Loome

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These mini weaving frames from The Loome are the perfect finishing touch for all the tiny weavings you can make with this wonderful tool! Once your weaving (or mini embroidery, cross stitch, etc too!) is finished, you can mount your work in the frames with a little glue! The frames with a hole can be hung as a necklace, earrings, keepsake, or key fob, and the frames without a hole come with a pin back so it can be worn as a pin or displayed by itself.

The Loome is an awesome wooden tool that was invented by an awesome local lady, and it's the only tool you'll need for all the fun yarny accessories you want to make! You can use Vilasinee's tool to make pom poms of many shapes and sizes, tassels with cool shapes and multiple layers, i-cord, mini weavings (Use them as jewelry, wall art, or patches for mending!), and friendship bracelets in lots of styles! Search for Loome in our online shop to see all the great tools and kits we carry!

*Finished bracelet, pom pom, and weaving photos courtesy of The Loome.

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