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This is our go to spindle for learning how to spin. This is a top whorl spindle meaning the disk (aka whorl) is at the top of the shaft when you are spinning. It spins smoothly, is reasonably priced, and the weight of the spindle is good for beginners. If a spindle is too heavy, it will fall to the floor (that is not what the drop means in the name Drop Spindle). If it is too light, it won't have enough mass to help you draft. Generally, big and heavy spindles are for spinning thick yarn and very light spindles are for spinning thin yarn. This spindle is a happy medium well suited to the beginner spinner or anyone making a mid weight yarn. 

Whorl is 2.5 inches in diameter

Shaft is 8.5 inches below the whorl (plenty of room for your cop, the cone of singles yarn that gets wound there as you spin)

Overall length is approximately 10.5 inches.

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