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Shell Buttons

Shell Buttons

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We love these beautiful Shell Buttons! Each one is a unique little work of art that shimmers in the light. The add class and sophistication to any garment. Shell buttons are light weight and suitable for light weight garments.

Note that these are all made from natural shells and will vary slightly in color and shell pattern. This is part of their beauty and charm. Most colored buttons are dyed. All pictures show the backs as well as the fronts of the buttons. Also noted in the title are the number of holes in the button or if it has a shank (nub at the back of the button where the holes are.

Shell buttons may be machine washed on a gentle cycle as a gentle cycle reduces the chance of breaking, especially for larger buttons. To reduce the chance of buttons snagging on other garments during the wash cycle we recommend using a garment bag. It also helps to fully button the garment and turn it inside out. Avoid bleach and harsh detergents; use cool or warm water.

Buttons are sold individually.

Images © Black Squirrel Yarns

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