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Travertine Wrap Kit (Includes Pattern)

Travertine Wrap Kit (Includes Pattern)

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The Travertine Wrap Kit Maia Discoe of Maia Knits includes all the yarn you need to knit the shawl, plus a complimentary DIGITAL copy of the pattern will be sent to you via email. You can find the listing for just the pattern, with sliding-scale pricing, by clicking here.

This simple yet striking wrap is designed to be a fast and fun knit. It's made from worsted weight so the stitching goes very quickly and you end up with a super squishy shawl. The main fabric is simple garter stitch, with stripes throughout and a section of short row shaping at each end for a bit of flair making it super fun to style in a variety of ways, more so than a plain rectangular wrap. And the stripes are designed in such a way that there's only ends to weave in at the very beginning and end of your work.

The best part is that the short row shaping helps the wrap to stay on your shoulders!

The original shawl is knit in Cedar House Yarns' Old Growth Worsted (orange/brown/taupe sample), which is the squishiest, silkiest worsted weight we know of. It's superwash so even in a heavier yarn this wrap has incredible drape. Choose from 3 different curated kit colorways we've put together for you:

A: Fox, Bark, and Toasted Marshmallow.
B: Shale, Seaweed, and Golden Eagle
C: Oyster, Twilight, and Sage

100% Superwash Merino
Worsted Weight / 4-Ply
218 yards / 100g

Our second sample (grey/blue/green) is knit from our favorite affordable superwash worsted wool - Universal Yarn's Deluxe Worsted. It's got a toothy heathered texture reminiscent of natural wool but is super soft, squishy, and drapey. Choose from 3 different curated kit colorways we've put together for you:

A: Smoke Heather, Shamrock Heather, and Teal Rustic
B: Pulp, Rust Heather, and Spice Rustic
C: Charcoal Heather, Smoke Heather, and Pulp

100% Superwash Wool
Worsted Weight / 4-Ply
218 yds / 100g

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