Reusing, Recycling, and Reducing Waste

All new packaging and strapping tape bought by us is fully compostable. We have some shipping labels that aren't compostable, but when they run out we are switching to compostable labels. All of the bubble wrap, bubble mailers, cardboard, and brown paper fillers are reused as are almost all of the boxes. We have an extensive collection of reusable packaging material waiting for their next use.

If you receive plastic packaging from us, it is reused and we hope you will reuse or recycle it.

We are always looking for ways to reuse items. We reuse shipping materials, storage materials, and anything else that we can. If it is a usable item we don't need, we will do our best to give or donate it to someone that can use it. If it can't be reused or donated, we recycle it. We recycle everything we can. Nothing goes in the trash if it can be recycled. Paper invoices become scratch paper before being recycled.

Our greatest wish is to receive less packaging from our distributors. We work with them to decrease the amount of packaging they use when packaging and shipping orders. We also strive to find products that are plastic free and not packaged in plastic. 

Have a suggestion on how we can do more? Please let us know!