Meet Team Squirrel

Maia Discoe; photo by Alli Novak

Maia Discoe - owner/manager

Hello, I’m Maia, the new owner of The Black Squirrel, @MaiaKnits on instagram. I am a lifelong knitter, spinner, natural dyer, and knitwear designer who has dabbled in every craft in the shop. I started as a customer, turned employee in 2018, and have managed the shop since fall of 2020. Honestly, this is the best job of my life. Even when I’m tired and overworked, I am filled with joy when I walk through the door.

I love that the store is a warm, friendly, and inclusive space. I love the mix of products and crafts represented. I love the staff (they are fantastic!) and the customers (y’all are awesome!). This is a place of joy and crafting; all are welcome here. These things won’t change. 

What is changing? More of everything! More yarn, more indie-dyed yarn, more non-superwash yarn, more brands of yarn, more notions, more tools, and more spinning supplies — just more. I am always looking for new products, collaborations, and ideas.

The core of the shop is community. This is a community space whether you are near or far. How can we help you? Have a yarn, notion, or tool suggestion? We want to hear from you. Want a special item? We will try to get it for you. Need help with a project or want your yarn wound? We are here to help you. Have another question? Stop by or email us. We want to hear from you! Or maybe you just need a fun and relaxed crafty respite from a chaotic world. Join us at the table any time we are open.

And, one more change. A big one! I am thrilled to have Sally Bingham join me in ownership. She has been a part of our crafting community for years and we adore her. We have so many plans to make the store richer and more vibrant. I am so honored to have her become a bigger part of the store.


Sally Bingham; photo by Molly Sing

Sally Bingham - owner/manager

Hi. I’m Sally and I’m delighted to join Maia in running The Black Squirrel. I first found the shop through its Stitch & Bitch night in 2017, immediately felt welcome, and have rarely missed one since. Now I have the added pleasure of hosting our weekly evening of fiber fellowship and inspiration.

Those Thursday nights also led to Chase encouraging me to sell my project bags through the shop which has allowed me to experiment with lots of fun fabrics, develop new models, and collaborate with other makers on special projects. In my new role, I look forward to enabling others to find a wider audience for their creative endeavors.

My family instilled in me a love of arts and crafts, a deep curiosity in how things are made, and the courage to try all types of DIY skills. Within the fiber arts, I primarily sew, knit, and quilt, with an occasional crochet or needlework project. When it comes to knitting, I favor colorwork over cables or lace, usually swatch for a sweater project by making a hat, and prefer socks knit top-down with a heel flap and gusset on double-pointed needles. Online, I’m most active on Ravelry (sbingham), much less so on Instagram (@salincal).


Our lovely, fantastic, talented staff will be featured soon. We have so many wonderful people who are a part of Team Squirrel.