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What if My Nana Was a Banana? Children's Book by David Keyes

What if My Nana Was a Banana? Children's Book by David Keyes

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"What if My Nana Was a Banana?" by David Keyes, illustrations by Lauren Lowen, empowers kids to tell their own silly stories and reinforces that no question is off limits. Kids will enjoy the zany adventures of a child who writes about their nana becoming a superhero banana as they bring peace to the universe. Through playful and unique illustrations, Nana and Kid encounter a whole host of characters, from bad guy clowns and space monkeys, to a talented tailor named Gus.

Parents will enjoy the educational message of inspiring kids to be creative writers. Grandparents will adore the multi-generational relationship between the child and their heroic nana. The book also has writing tips and resources for kids at the end of the book.

David Keyes is a mathematician turned children's book author. His only other published work, Fp-codes, theta functions, and the Hamming weight MacWilliams identity makes no mention of bananas. He lives in Berkeley, California with his wife (our dear friend Reed aka HighFiberKnits) and daughters.

Lauren Lowen is an illustrator living outside Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, two kids, and dog. She graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design and has created artwork for a variety of projects including advertising, publishing, and products. When not illustrating, Lauren teaches illustration to college undergraduates, eats sushi, and dreams of future travel. She believes that everyone has the power to summon their inner Nana Banana!

EmpowerMint Press founder Christa Fletcher believes there are many great stories to be told and she wants to help aspiring authors publish their books. With 14 years of experience in digital media, she creates inspiring children's books, hosts literacy programs, and writing workshops for kids. She is the mother of two and resides in Costa Mesa, California.

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