Tutorial - Surprise Filled Real Easter Eggs

Many years ago I attended an Easter party at a friend's house and it was such a lovely time, not only for the company (and her pet bunnies hopping around the yard), but also for the cute treats one of her friends brought to share - real hollow dyed eggs filled with jelly beans! I'm always a big fan of party favors for kids and adults alike, and this year I'm hosting brunch and wanted to recreate those eggs. They're quick, easy, and sure to delight your guests when hidden around the party for them to find. And you most likely already have everything you need to make them!

Supplies for Dying Eggs:  A dozen raw white eggs Distilled white vinegar Liquid food coloring Warm water Paper towels Clear glass or metal bowls

Supplies for Dying Eggs:
A dozen raw white eggs
Distilled white vinegar
Liquid food coloring
Warm water
Paper towels
Clear glass or metal bowls

To make these, first of all you'll need to color some eggs. You can buy a kit at the grocery store this time of year but I prefer to use food coloring and vinegar because you can create your own custom colors, and it's very simple to do!

  • For every cup of warm water in your bowl, add a tablespoon of vinegar.
  • Add 6-12 drops total of food color, depending on how vibrant you want your shades. Try combining different colors, like adding a little blue to your green for the perfect minty shade.
  • You can test your colors by dipping the corner of a paper towel into them to see how they'll look.
  • Gently place your eggs into the water and make sure they're fully covered. Move them about every minute or so and check the color, pull them out of the water when they're the shade you want.
  • Use a spoon to dip them in a bowl of clear water and vinegar, then let them dry on a paper towel.
  • Once your eggs are dry, use a leather awl or a sharp knife to tap a little hole in the bottom (wider) end of the egg.
  • Use a pair of cuticle scissors to gently snip a hole about 1 inch in diameter (or as big as you need to get your goodies through).
  • If you're careful and don't go too deep with the awl or scissors, you can peel the membrane off the egg before draining to get rid of any shell dust and use it for cooking.
  • Drain all the egg out, rinse quickly with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel, then leave for the inside to dry for a few hours or overnight.
  • To finish the eggs, fill them with your prizes. Some cute ideas include chocolates or candies, erasers, confetti, or little plastic toys. I prefer chocolates because they are heavy enough to make the shell feel as though it's still full of egg, which makes it even more delightful to crack open!
  • You'll need some green crepe paper (tissue paper also works but is a little harder to work with), scissors, wax paper, and tacky glue.
  • Cut circles out of the crepe paper that are a little bigger than the holes you cut in your eggs. Also cut a piece of paper into thin fringe and trim off one inch sections to make the "grass".
  • Line the edges of your circles with glue and  cover the holes in your eggs. It's okay if glue oozes out around the edges.
  • Allow them to dry slightly, then make sure there is a little ring of glue all around the base of the egg, and dip it into the paper grass pieces you cut earlier.
  • Set the eggs on a sheet of wax paper to dry, and then hide them around for people to find and crack open!